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Teeth Whitening Imperial Beach

In-office teeth whitening is performed to enhance the color of your teeth with instant results.  If your smile is affected by discolored teeth, this treatment can be a timely and effective solution.  Imperial Beach Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is regarded as one of the most comprehensive providers of teeth whitening treatments in the Imperial Beach area.  This treatment is a popular option for patients because they can be comfortably applied and provide instant results.

In-office teeth whitening is performed based on the unique features of your smile.  The treatment considers your dental hygiene practices, tooth sensitivity, root exposures, and history of periodontal disease.

The procedure begins with the fabrication of trays that are fitted over your teeth.  The trays are applied with a bleaching gel, this is the primary material that can enhance your teeth up to eight shades brighter.   During the treatment the whitening gel is focused on safely and effectively whitening your teeth.  The trays can be used for home and are uniquely designed for your specific teeth.

Our team can deliver rewarding teeth whitening treatments with noticeable cosmetic results. Call us today for a complimentary consultation!