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Periodontics Imperial Beach

Periodontal disease occurs to a large number of patients around the nation.  They can develop into long-term problems and permanently affect the health of your teeth.  Patients affected by periodontal disease can exhibit symptoms such as loose teeth, bleeding gums, and bad breath.  Our Imperial Beach dentists can provide preventative care to patients affected by periodontal disease.

Root scaling and planing is the first procedure in evaluating the mouth for periodontal disease.  If a severe disease has been discovered, gum surgery may be performed.

If the proper treatment is not implemented, tooth loss may follow.  Periodontal disease can also influence your overall health as well.  Studies have demonstrated a link between dental health and medical problems such as diabetes and heart disease.  These findings indicate that it is important to dedicate adequate attention to your dental health.

Periodontal disease are caused by a buildup of calculus (tartar) in your mouth, this occurs when leftover food in your mouth remain on your teeth and harden.  This can be prevented by maintaining an effective and consistent oral hygiene.  Root scaling and planing is performed to remove calculus located below the gum line.

Scaling and root planing is a thorough cleaning of your gum line.  Your teeth surface will be smoothed out to fix small chips which can carry calculus.  This treatment also removes any bacteria, inflammation, and calculus located below the gum line.  Electric toothbrushes and specially prepared mouthwashes are additional methods to treat the area.

To ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy, schedule regular dental visits and practice healthy hygiene habits.  At Imperial Beach Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we can perform in-office cleanings to restore the areas that regular brushing or flossing cannot reach.

If you are concerned about a potential periodontal infection, please call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.